While everyone is looking for the high availability and service uptime five nine is real difficult to have effectively we are talking about the five minute downtime. When it comes to five minutes of downtime, it does not comes free, it has cost associated with it. Everyone is asking for the 99.999 uptime we need to ask few basic questions

  • Is it really required? it is too expensive.
  • Can it be achieved with the budget allocated.
  • Is there alternative of this which covers the risk and requirement of five nines.

Sustaining five nines is too expensive.

When comes to real world sustaining the high availability is too costly. It required more physical or cloud infrastructure and along with this software, it’s configuration and manpower to maintain it, all of them adds complexity to it. More moving parts adding the more complexity to the system and points of failure. These additional components can fail due to misconfiguration, bugs, and interoperability issue.

Better process management can give high availability with limited resource.

Generally there are many processes which can enhance the high availability but we do not consider in any deployment. Here are few things which we miss a lot.

Do we have test servers?

Do we monitor logfiles?

Do we have network wide monitoring in place?

Do we verify backups?

Do we monitor disk partitions?

Do you monitor your server system logs for disk errors and warnings?

Do we watch disk subsystem logs for errors? (the most likely component in hardware to fail is a disk)

Do we have server analytics? Do you collect server system metrics?

Do we perform fire drills?


Welcome Technologist!

In today?s world, everyone is touched with some part of the technology but most of us wonder how it is working. A simple phone consist of many technologies. Thousands of brains working behind a simple gadget we are carrying day in day out. To understand such technologies, works done by other brains, challenges, new trends, upcoming events we few enthusiast technologist are working together. Also with this platform we are bringing other technologist together, here creating a basic blog site for the technology discussion, events, trends and other areas.

On this site any technology enthusiasts are welcome who can contribute in enriching the content, add discussion write blogs and seek various suggestions. Also those who are facing challenges in day to day process or development can drop any question(s). These questions could be discussed holistically by various technology experts in group or forum. We promote the ideas which can change and bring revolution in industry and can be presented by any user either by joining the site or anonymous user.

In the fast changing technology era here are few topics which needs attention.

– What should be done for the securing application.

– What is way to go for high transaction processing models.

– Availability of 99.999 is real or myth. How much we can achieve this in real world of mobile commerce and at what cost.


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